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Maresa Friedman

Advisor & Growth Strategist

From 2017-2019 she helped more than 2000+ small business owners launch their businesses online for free with to truly understand the small business landscape.

That expertise led her to serve as a Google Certified Speaker traveling the country educating brands and business owners on tactical marketing and business  strategies.

She began her career in the technology industry while studying engineering, liberal studies, and business in college. Early on in her education, she hadthe opportunity to participate in a Science Scholar program at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD. The program was sponsored by the National Science Foundation and gave her the opportunity to explore the excitement of opportunities in science, mathematics, art and the internet- lovingly referred to in the early days as the World Wide Web. Recruited by the Department of Energy at 16, Friedman has more practical work experience in the private and public sector than many twice her age.

She prefers working with clients and businesses with dynamic environments where she can contribute in a cross functional team. These fit because she uses her technical knowledge, industry expertise, and cross functional capabilities to take a 360 degree approach to strategy, business development, process, and marketing.

Maresa Friedman

interview topics:

Business Strategy, Business Growth, Thought Leadership, Brand Narrative

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